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Our Comprehensive Plan is our strategy for the future. It fosters a community conversation about what kind of place we want Snellville to become by 2045 so we can identify the critical steps that city leadership can take to make the biggest impact.  This community vision guides an updated policy direction and a new 5-year work program, including actions related to land use, transportation, housing, economic development, and quality of life issues. 


Planning helps us align our actions and investments today with the community's priorities. While it may take many years for the plan to unfold, and it will surely change over time, we want to make sure each of the puzzle pieces we are working on now fit into the bigger picture.  The plan will also maintains our compliance with State regulations and keeps us competitive for State resources, as the Georgia Department of Community Affairs requires cities update their comprehensive plans every five years to maintain qualified local government status and eligibility for state funding.


The Comprehensive Plan addresses four main issues: land use, transportation, housing, and economic development. Other issues that impact the quality of life in Snellville, like parks and recreation, will be considered as part of a holistic strategy. It focuses on what is within the City's sphere of control, including both direct improvements like new sidewalks and broader direction in the form of City policies. 

The plan will build on previous work, connecting the dots between smaller ongoing projects and plans to make sure they are aligned and identify gaps where additional work may need to be done.


Everyone in Snellville is invited to be part of the planning process!  We hope you'll join in.

  • Project Team: City staff is leading the effort with support from a consultant, Jacobs. 

  • Community Task Force: A Community Task Force made up of  civic, business, non-profit, and high school representatives will meet four times to take a deep look at key issues and potential strategies. 

  • Community Members: The team will be out in the community at three on-the-spot engagement activities to ask residents for their input, with complementary online surveys available to gather insight from people who are unable to attend in person. Once a draft of the plan is ready, it will be shared on this site and at an open house event to get feedback before finalizing the plan. For more information about upcoming events and how you can get involved, visit the Participate page. 


The 2045 Comprehensive Plan process began in July 2023 and will last through the end of the year.  It involved community engagement, research on existing conditions, strategy development, and coordination with City departments and partner organizations. Draft elements were posted to the Documents page for review throughout the process and feedback was be incorporated into the final draft. The Snellville City Council will vote to adopt it by the end of February 2024. 

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