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We're planning for our future!

The City of Snellville is imagining what we want our city to be like in 2045 and is putting a strategy in place to get there. Sign up for project updates below and keep and eye out for opportunities to provide your input!

Snellville2045 Has Been Adopted!

At the February 26, 2024 City Council meeting, the Comprehensive Plan update was adopted.


Use the links below to review the adopted 2045 Snellville Comprehensive Plan and Technical Addendum. 

Pages from SnellvilleCompPlan_Report_Adopted.jpg

Save the date! Join us for an in-person community open house! Your input is so important to this process, and we want your feedback on draft plan content. 

Community Open House

Snellville City Hall | Council Chambers

November 16, 2023 | 6:30 - 8:30 PM

City Hall.jpg

Save the date!

Snellville report icon-04.png

2040 Comprehensive Plan 

This document outlines the City's previous plan, including the vision, goals, policies, 5-year work program, Future Development Map, and Future Land Use Map.

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